Win Original Art Work

Win Orginal
art work

During this years gala we will be entering all texts to pledge entries in an opportunity to win this one of a kind art work commissioned for Aspira of NY.

Intention: The Pitirre is the symbol of ASPIRA. A small tropical bird found in Puerto Rico, the pitirre is known for its agility, rapid flight and for its ability to outsmart, tire and defeat much larger birds. ASPIRA believes that the pitirre is a fitting symbol for young Latinos. Aspirantes gain the confidence of the pitirre by acquiring knowledge and developing their leadership skills. They can face and overcome seemingly overwhelming odds to become productive adults, returning to their communities the benefits of their skills and leadership abilities. The symbol of the pitirre reinforces ASPIRA’s belief that even the smallest and seemingly powerless can take control of their lives and cause change.

Artist Biography: Elizabeth Erazo Baez is a Latina born in Brooklyn, New York of Puerto Rican parents. Baez celebrates her bicultural perspective as a New Nuyorican who had the fortunate opportunity to grow up both in New York City and in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Baez's art is greatly influenced by her Hispanic heritage, folklore, music and dance. Her art depicts luminous landscapes, proactive portraits, still lives and vibrant cultural realities. 

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